Special Edition Sendoff Given to Vw Passat

Volkswagen has officially announced the launch of the Passat by the end of the decade, with 2022 being declared as the final model year for the Passat.

The Passat introduces a special edition version featuring distinctive elements inspired by Chattanooga, Tennessee, the city where the Passat has been produced for the past ten years.

In 1973, a limited number of series were manufactured. Out of these, 423 units were outfitted with the Atlas SUV Green Metallic racing design, which is typically not offered for the Passat.

Last year, it was announced that Volkswagen would be phasing out the Passat by the end of the decade in order to prioritize sales of the Atlas and electric ID crossovers. On this day, Volkswagen revealed that production of the Passat in the United States will come to an end after the 2022 model year. Additionally, the automaker unveiled a special limited-edition Passat series as a tribute to the Chattanooga, Tennessee plant where the Passat has been produced since 2011.

The Passat Limited Edition has undergone minimal changes. Its exterior features distinctive 15-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels and black mirror caps, while the interior is equipped with unique seat trailers. One trailer displays “1 since 1973” to represent the limited number of VW series produced, while the other shows “VW Chattanooga since 2011” to represent the city and factory. The cup holders also showcase an aerial view of Chattanooga and the factory’s layout. Additionally, the limited edition includes luxurious features such as heated leather seats for the driver and front passenger, as well as practical additions like parking assistance.

The 1973 limited edition race for the Passat series traces back to the initial year of production in Germany. The number of units produced for each of the four color combinations is expected to be significant, similar to the special McLaren version rather than a regular sedan. The limited 411 series is offered in Aurora Red Metallic with a black titanium interior, named after the Passat’s predecessor with production code 411. The 423 units, known as Chattanooga, will feature the racing green metal color from the Atlas SUV (and former B5 Passage) combined with a Mauro Brown interior. The pure white option with a Mauro Brown interior will have 524 models to commemorate the 24th anniversary of the Chattanooga plant. Lastly, VW will release 615 limited series with a metal coating and black titanium interior, representing the six generations of Passat in the USA, the birthplace of one generation and five decades of Passat sales.

The 2022 Passat series will have a higher price point. It has been available in the US since 1974, initially under the name Dasher until 1982, and then Quantum until 1990. In 2011, Volkswagen introduced a customized version for the North American market, with production taking place in Chattanooga. As the Passat is being phased out, the Chattanooga plant is being transformed for the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

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