Review of Enchanted Arms

Microsoft consoles are in dire need of more role-playing games. While there have been some standout titles in recent years (such as Oblivion, Jade Empire, and Knights of the Old Republic), the Xbox has been lacking in traditional Japanese-developed RPGs, especially when compared to the impressive selection on the PS2. Thankfully, we were not the … Read more

Review of Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

The Ace Combat franchise has been making its way to the PlayStation 2 for more than ten years, beginning with the highly praised Ace Combat 04 in 2001. Ace Combat Zero: the Belkan War is the third installment in the PlayStation 2 series, bringing back its signature features and thrilling arcade gameplay, although it may … Read more

London Gangs Review

Praising the game and highlighting its strengths and weaknesses is simple, but completing it from beginning to end requires more effort. The issue with Gangs of London cannot be attributed to just one or two factors, but rather a lack of cohesion. I spent hours in front of my PSP, attempting to enjoy a game … Read more