Finland’s Ability to Withstand Russia, Patria’s F-35 Production Plant, and Decrease in Suicides: Finland in International News

Here is a selectionThe recent coverage of Finland in the global media over the past week. Finland’s Resilience and Preparedness in the Face of Russian Threats: Lessons from History the New York Times. The New York Times published an article discussing Finland’s ability to withstand and prepare for threats from Russia. BNN BreakingOn the third of … Read more

The Significance of Establishing Fresh Connections with Artists on the Internet

Until recently, the music industry had become increasingly digital, with the rise of playlists and the use of technology for music discovery and consumption. However, local shows and tours remained largely untouched by the internet’s influence. That is, until now. Everything, including music, will never remain entirely unchanged. Interactions that were once considered normal, like … Read more

Choosing Between Minimalism and Extremism in Songwriting

Creating music involves a journey of imagination, where one may be tempted to believe that more is better – more instruments, more singing, more intricacy, etc. On the other hand, it can also be tempting to leave ideas unfinished and unstructured, opting for a straightforward approach. Before digital audio workstations became essential for songwriting, determining … Read more

Commercial and Bedroom Studio Producer: A Comparison

A music producer serves as the artistic leader of a recording project. This individual has been envisioning the final product of a song since the initial demo was heard. In the traditional music industry, the responsibilities of a music producer typically revolve around the creation of the song. However, in today’s music landscape, with the … Read more