The Story of the Tiger Mom

The tale of an unadorned Tiger Mother is a poignant narrative that illuminates the nuances of race, ethnicity, customs, and preconceived notions. Lexa Thomas, a 30-year-old fitness instructor residing in New York City, is struggling to come to terms with the recent news of her white mother’s divorce from her white stepfather. The reason? Her … Read more

Review of The Vixen

In a society where the validity of information is constantly challenged, Francine Prouz’s latest book, the Fox, prompts contemplation on our understanding of reality, the means by which we acquire knowledge, and the narratives we choose to share. Simon Patnam, a recent graduate of Harvard, is struggling to find his place in the world. Following … Read more

Let’s Go Together

Mark, a 29-year-old, is convinced that he will never be able to write despite our ongoing collaboration. He has been struggling with suicidal thoughts since his high school days and is exhausted with life. He has a plan in mind – to take one final bus ride and join a cross-country party with individuals who … Read more

Review of Billy Summers

Stephen King, after fifty years of a highly successful career, is embarking on a new and intriguing path with his latest novel, Billy Summers. Despite the presence of common literary obstacles such as revenge, a heroic author, an unlikely friendship, trauma, and justice, King’s commitment to realism and his intense, almost meditative portrayal of the … Read more