Let’s Go Together

Mark, a 29-year-old, is convinced that he will never be able to write despite our ongoing collaboration. He has been struggling with suicidal thoughts since his high school days and is exhausted with life. He has a plan in mind – to take one final bus ride and join a cross-country party with individuals who share his sentiments and can no longer endure the struggles of life.

J. Michael Strazhinsky’s novel follows a group of primarily young individuals who are contemplating ending their lives. As the bus makes stops in various states to pick up passengers, the story delves into the perspectives of 12 characters, with a focus on six: Mark, previously mentioned; Karen, a young woman struggling with chronic pain; Tyler, a young man with a worsening hole in his stomach; Vaughn, a 66-year-old widower harboring a painful secret; Lisa, who battles bipolar disorder; and Chanel, a single woman who faced bullying due to her height. As the bus travels west, these characters come together, form alliances, and navigate each other’s idiosyncrasies and negative behaviors.

Strazhinsky, a writer of comic books and screenplays, as well as co-creator of Netflix’s “Sense8,” employs various forms of communication such as text messages, emails, online news articles, and audio recordings to unveil the inner thoughts and actions of characters in a modern-day novel. This unique format allows for a fast-paced narrative, although at times the characters’ musings may become muddled, particularly when they delve into philosophical contemplations about the state of the world and its locations.

However, each unexpected turn of events adds to the satisfaction and deepens the connection between the characters as they navigate their decisions. While this novel may not appeal to all readers due to its subject matter of suicidal thoughts (as noted in the introduction, “discretion is advised”), at its core, “Together we will Go” is a story of friendship and the power of love.

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