The Story of the Tiger Mom

The tale of an unadorned Tiger Mother is a poignant narrative that illuminates the nuances of race, ethnicity, customs, and preconceived notions.

Lexa Thomas, a 30-year-old fitness instructor residing in New York City, is struggling to come to terms with the recent news of her white mother’s divorce from her white stepfather. The reason? Her mother has fallen in love with an Asian-American acupuncturist. As if that wasn’t enough, Lexa receives a call from her stepsister, Xu-Ling, who reveals that their biological father has passed away. This news triggers memories of Lexa’s last trip to Taiwan, where she was forced to leave her father and his inheritance behind 22 years ago.

Xu-Ling has additional information to share. His uncle Pong passed away soon after his father’s passing, and he left Lexa a confidential letter. With the support of her two stepsisters, one Taiwanese and one white American, Lexa travels back to Taiwan to claim her rightful position in the family.

Lin Liao Butler’s tale is a fusion of literature, blending diverse families and cultures. The straightforward yet captivating plot is infused with mandarins and allusions to different Asian cuisines and customs. However, the limited exploration of these elements may hinder the reader from fully engaging in Lexa’s quest to connect with her roots. As the story unfolds, glimpses into Lexa’s past and extraordinary experiences that diverted her from her Taiwanese upbringing build towards the novel’s climax.

Lexa’s humble demeanor and serene self-assurance will provide comfort to readers seeking a relatable main character. The heartwarming love story is a delightful outcome of Lexa’s personal growth and self-love, as well as a unification of different ethnicities.

The Tigress Mother: A Thought-Provoking Read for Book Clubs and Fans of Jenny Han’s YA Novels, Sparking Conversations on Identity, Family Secrets, and Cultural Diversity.

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