The Significance of Establishing Fresh Connections with Artists on the Internet

Until recently, the music industry had become increasingly digital, with the rise of playlists and the use of technology for music discovery and consumption. However, local shows and tours remained largely untouched by the internet’s influence. That is, until now.

Everything, including music, will never remain entirely unchanged. Interactions that were once considered normal, like meeting fellow musicians and performing together, are now uncommon or nonexistent in many areas. While we hope to return to regular live shows, the timing is uncertain. In the meantime, musicians can utilize the internet to form friendships, network with the industry, and work together with other artists.

Another victim of the lack of live performances: the attitude of the artist to the artist

It is crucial to comprehend that we must not let the chance to connect with our audience and make a living slip away simply because live performances are not possible, even though they hold great significance. Furthermore, we are deprived of the chance to personally form new connections with fellow musicians for at least a year. This has resulted in more negative outcomes for independent musicians, such as fewer prospects, partnerships, and networks.

In this unprecedented time, it is crucial to maintain friendships within the music industry and form new connections online. Reaching out to an artist through email and expressing admiration for their work and interest in collaborating may be more challenging and creative than meeting in person. However, with live music events on hold, these interactions hold significant value. They can not only result in meaningful friendships, but also lead to collaborative partnerships that produce exceptional music that one could not create alone. In a time where artists and listeners are isolated, working together allows for the sharing of resources and ideas, creating opportunities for one another.

How to establish relationships with famous artists on the Internet

Before posting links to renowned artists on the web, it is important to search for any shared characteristics between them and other musicians. While you may admire someone’s aspirations or achievements, it does not necessarily mean that you have enough in common to establish a connection. Therefore, finding an online artist who shares similar goals and musical preferences serves as a strong foundation. Communicating through email or social media are convenient ways to connect with others online. However, artists who have a similar following to yours are more likely to take notice and potentially collaborate or perform together. The reality is that popular artists often do not have the time or inclination to respond to every message they receive, even from ambitious and friendly musicians.

Meeting someone in person for the first time does not guarantee a future working relationship or collaboration with an online artist. Each musician has their own unique personality and quirks, which may not align with your own as a friend or writing partner. However, this should not hinder you from forming genuine connections with fellow online artists. Despite any potential differences, the benefits of building these relationships far outweigh any drawbacks, especially as live music becomes more normalized.

Although live shows are making a comeback, the role of technology in the music industry should not diminish, but rather expand. While it is important to maintain personal connections, it is also beneficial to utilize the convenience and accessibility of the Internet to form online relationships. For those living in rural areas or attending shows for the first time, online connections can be a major advantage as they allow for interactions with artists that may not be possible in person. This presents a unique opportunity in the music industry where there is everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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